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  Resume-Structure and Types
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A resume is created for a potential employer to have a quick glance at a candidate’s skill set and work experience. Types of Resume - 1. Chronological - It is the most common format used . Starts with the most recent employment/education . This type is useful for the people who have had a few breaks in their career and have continued in the same sector and also works well for people whose responsibility has increased in the same organisation. 2. Functional - It is Useful for People with fewer years of experience who want to take a career change . Does not focus on job titles and previous employment details , Focuses on knowledge , skills and abilities .Can be used by people who have had breaks in their career and works well with people who have worked in multiple job profiles not related to each other . 3. Combination - As the name says , it is Combination of the chronological and Functional resume . Lists the date of previous employment , knowledge and specific skills . Most useful for people who have learnt their skills from unrelated sector and would like to emphasize it.

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