Introduction of the Presenter
  Game Plan
  Resume-Structure and Types
  Dos and Donts
  Cover Letter
  Power of Keywords
  Mega Episode

Game Plan

CO FOUNDERS PLANET , is a problem Solving Approach which SMVA CONSULTANTS faced during its operations . The problem – CXO Hiring & Cofounders Matching Lack of Funds Allied Business Services(Finance,Legal,HR,Investor Pitch Deck) . This course is useful for - Students seeking placements , Job seekers struggling to get RIGHT Placements , Existing Employees (Job holders) , People seeking Career Growth & Enhancement , People looking to land a Dream JOB by the RIGHT Resume , HR Enthusiasts keen to enter into Resume Writing as a Profession . Also , if the answer is yes to any of the following questions , then you have landed at the right place - •  Are you worried about preparing the RIGHT Resume? •  Do You want to streamline the upcoming Interview Preparation? • Do You intend to maintain a strong and efficient Resume ? •  You cannot afford the Hefty cost of the Career advisor or HR Consultant? •  You have Job related queries on getting Job in a crisis situation ? •  Are you struggling to get a Job in your DREAM Company ? •  Do you think Personal Growth can be amplified by Right Focus on HR Tricks?