Land the Interview for your Dream Job

A normal job application doesn't give your potential employer the opportunity to understand how awesome you are.

You guys might think it’s just about having a great resume or x years of experience. No, the best out there are struggling.

But the good news? The bar is so low out there.

You can do a lot better and we’ll show you how, step by step.


State of Jobs

Mindset and Myths

Organizing and Analyzing and Mini Project

Presenting Your Idea

Crafting Email

Researching Decision maker

Follow up


Akhil MK

Akhil has a digital marketing background but his specialty is in landing interviews through successful job outreaches.  Of the three jobs that he's had to date in has career, none of them came through traditional channels. 

He has over 5 years of experience working in marketing roles across startups. Nowadays he runs  ProspectingPal, a lead generation and workflow automation service provider for marketing agencies.